Char-broiled cuban pork by Azul Oaxaca

Char-broiled cuban pork by Azul Oaxaca

Oaxaca, a paradigmatic region in the south of Mexico has a unique legacy and tradition into its gastronomy expressions, since an ancestral timeline of cultures most of them with indigenous roots have joined together to transform awesome samples of colour, flavor, scent into any proposal, that’s why every meal has a special soul just like the “char-broiled cuban pork”.

Azul Oaxaca a fire wood cuisine and mezcal producer, presents its version of “char-broiled cuban pork” in Oaxaca city, a place designed World Heritage by the UNESCO.

The region named “La Cuenca” near to the Gulf of Mexico is the place where the “char-broiled cuban pork” originated in. A seven hours process begins with a very accurate full, fresh and young pork body selection.

Early 07:00 am the chief of the broiler makes the fire with dry selected pieces of wood, then setting the salted pork into a bamboo large and wide stick to join the fire.

The slow fire during four hours dehydrate the pork skin until getting a crispy shape usually named “cascarita”, and the rest of the pork becomes into a sweet and soft bite.

At 01:00 pm just one hour before the customers arrive to Azul Oaxaca, the chief of the broiler adds the secret ingredient of the unique flavour of the “char-broiled cuban pork”, a vinaigrette based on garlic and lemmon juice and other spices.

Any “char-broiled cuban pork” is served con sides like fryed beens, sauces, most of them hot, and the traditional “asadura” made with liver, tomatoes, salt, pepper, a special side.

Azul Oaxaca offers a selected mezcal menu with some of the most recognized brands, and the “house mezcal” made into the deepest traditions of ancient mezcal makers

Credits: Jorge Rojas